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Where We Get Our Funds for Our Rescue Operations

How We Are Funded

Cost of Service

It is estimated that New Brunswick’s volunteer provincial search and rescue teams donate in excess of 45,000 hours annually, and save the province over $4.2 million per year, in addition to freeing up policing resources that can be utilized elsewhere.

Our Operating Budget

Tri-County GSAR relies heavily on donations from businesses, communities, and the general public to maintain their operational readiness. In fact, over 50% of their operating budget each year comes from these donations, providing the funds needed to maintain their mobile command post and purchase new equipment to ensure they are effective when tasked to search for missing persons, or help in emergencies.

The operating requirements are typically covered by team fund-raising events, community contributions, and provincial government grant monies. Of course, the contributions of the members themselves are significant.

Our Capital Assets

The team’s equipment includes their mobile Command Post and Equipment Trailer, communications equipment and medical gear, as well as basic and technical search equipment.

Donate via

Click the link to make a secure donation to the volunteer group Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue Inc., and receive a Canada Revenue Agency tax deductible receipt for all donations over $20.

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