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Volunteer Training and Rescue Operation Services

What We Do

Search and Rescue Services for Regional Police Forces and Canada’s National Parks

Tri-County GSAR provides search and rescue services to the police forces in their area of operation.

Locate, Access, Stabilize and Transport

Their mandate is to locate, access, stabilize and transport lost, missing, or injured persons within their area of operation.

Tri-County GSAR also responds to mutual aid requests from GSAR groups in other parts of New Brunswick and, upon request, from other provinces/ states.

Evidence Searches

Tri-County GSAR provides evidence search services to police forces within their area of operation.

Preventative Search and Rescue

The best searches are those that don’t happen because someone knows how to avoid getting lost in the first place!

Tri-County GSAR is accredited to provide free preventative search and rescue training to the community. This is primarily through the federally sponsored national AdventureSmart programs: Hug-A-Tree & Survive for children in kindergarten to grade 6, as well as the teenager/ adult programs Survive Outside, Snow Safety, Snowmobiling, and PaddleSmart. These programs have been delivered free to thousands in the Tri-County area.

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